Gaza – July, 2018, Number of suicides among the Gazan youths documented last week stood at 5 cases, including one woman, not to mention two deaths caused by electric shocks which come as a direct result to the on-going electricity crisis.

Israeli Occupation continues to tighten its stifling 12-year blockade on the Gaza Strip which has led to total paralysis in all walks of life as part of its systematic policy against all Palestinian people.

As a result of this blockade, unemployment rate among male and female Gazans has risen to 50%, let alone the reduction in the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) services under which the contracts of 1000 employees of the emergency program were terminated; 100 of these were terminated permanently while the rest became part time contracts till the end of the year. This step is considered as a political demarche within the Israeli and American attempts to end the issue of the Palestinian refugees.

Furthermore, Gaza Strip imposes extremely dire living conditions on its people. For instance, in terms of water, 97% is not suitable for human consumption, and on the medical level, Ministry of Health has reported that 45% of medicines are at zero stock levels. On top of this, 6 out of 10 families suffer from food insecurity.

This increases the burdens on the Palestinian women and exposes them to various forms and escalated levels of violence.

Women’s Affairs Center (WAC) condemns the violations of the Palestinian people’s rights, and holds the international community responsible for the besieged people in the Gaza Strip, stressing the need to take action to stop the Isreali violations of international and humanitarian laws.