Gaza – July, 2018, Israeli Occupation Forces released Ahed Tamimi and her mother, Nariman Tamimi, today after serving an eight-month-sentence in Israeli prison.

Tamimi and her mother were arrested on December 19th, 2017 after a video showing Tamimi and her cousin approaching two Israeli soldiers leaning on a wall in the courtyard of Nabi Saleh, a Palestinian town that has been occupied by Israeli forces for more than 50 years, went viral. In the video, the girls demanded that the soldiers leave the place, and when they refused, the girls kicked and slapped the soldiers.

Ahed’s defense lawyers managed to reach a deal with the Israeli Military Prosecution; Ahed was sentenced to 8 months in prison, in return, the charges of incitement against the Israeli Occupation Forces were dropped from the initial indictment list. The final indictment only included Ahed’s confession to obstructing the work of an Israeli soldier and attacking him.

Ahed, who was only 16 when she was arrested, became an icon for the Palestinian resistance; thus, her trial received great media coverage, especially since she spent her seventeenth birthday inside the walls of the Israeli prison.


In her first statement after she was released, Ahed stressed that she would continue to resist the Israeli occupation, and promised the journalists to hold a conference later to deliver the messages of the Palestinian detainees to the world.

It is worth mentioning that there are nearly 60 female detainees in the Israeli prisons who suffer from dreadful conditions on the psychological and humanitarian levels.

Women’s Affairs Center (WAC) believes that arresting young Palestinians like Ahed comes as part of a policy that aims at excluding active Palestinians influencing the public opinion and working on political and social issues from the scene by arresting them without charges or fair trials.

WAC, however, stresses that these practices will not break the Palestinian youths’ willpower to fight the continuous violations committed against the Palestinian people.

WAC calls upon all international and human rights organizations concerned with the rights of youths to intervene to stop Israeli violations against them and their rights; the rights that are guaranteed by International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Conventions.


Women’s Affairs Center

July 29th, 2018