Gaza – July, 2018, under the logo “Let’s _Be_Aware_Social_Networkers”, WAC concluded an awareness campaign about online violations women undergo within the center’s community initiative launched last May in order to raise the citizens’ awareness about cyber bullying.

The hashtag ““Let’s _Be_Aware_Social_Networkers” was used in the campaign which comes as part of “Preventing and Responding to Increased GBV Vulnerability among Women and Girls in Gaza Strip” Project, funded by UNDPF.

In accordance to this issue, Sana Protection Network was established in Gaza and Rafah governorates with the aim of providing protection from GBV. The network includes nearly 50 community activists. In the same context, a score of community initiatives were held, one of which aimed at protecting women from cyber bullying.

Hana Al Zant, Project Coordinator, indicates that the campaign’s tweets focused on females mainly as they are more vulnerable to Internet bullying.

Al Zant adds that the campaign aims also at encouraging victims to address the problem rather than ignoring it through reporting it to the concerned parties that provide legal, psychological, and social support.

Participants stress on the importance of this campaign owning to the increase in online crimes in the Palestinian society, pointing out that it is vital for people to use technology properly; that is, post and interact online in a more aware manner.

The campaign’s hashtag was on the top of the most trending hashtags on Twitter for 2 days.

The campaign included raising awareness about the Electronic Crime Law and the importance of activating it to provide protection. Article 15 of Electronic Crime Law states: “Anyone who practices electronic extortion and threats shall be punished with imprisonment with hard labor and a fine of not less than JD 2,000.” Thus, Electronic Crime Law guarantees people’s rights in any case of cyber violation.