WAC concluded an advocacy initiative was organized in the occasion of the Day for Elimination of VAW under the theme “No to Violence… our life is better without violence” including the following activities:  Establishing initiative coalition and pressure group involving (25) members, in order to discuss the initiative theme and activities.  As an opening for the initiative in the 26th of November, 2017; an activity of handprint using the orange colour (the unified colour for the 16 days international campaign symbolizing a life full of hope and

nonviolence) in the participation of WAC’s director and staff. This activity was shared by all the beneficiaries who visited WAC.  A peaceful protest was held on 29/11/2017 attended by about 400 women and men including directors and women CBOs/NGOs representatives, lawyers, university graduates, women and men households. The protest included different logos related to women rights and VAW/GBV such as ;( No to VAW and injustice for safe societies/ our life is better without violence). During the protest WAC director delivered a statement confirming that the continuation of VAW and GBV is a violation of international resolutions and conventions, particularly CEDAW Convention and 1325 resolution. She also emphasized on the importance of women CBOs/NGOs and civil society institutions efforts intensification to end violence and discrimination against women. WAC distributed brochures about GBV for the participants.  A tweeting session was conducted in the participation of 30 social media youth activists using Facebook and Twitter to share the initiative hashtag#Ourlife_is better_without violence. The session also included other hashtags related to legal status of women and their social, health and legal right, and developing a protection system for women exposed to violence. The session hashtag ranked the second highest trend in Palestine.  Six open dialogue meetings were conducted in the period from (6-12-2017 to 24-12-2017) in the five governorates in the participation of about 192 persons including representatives of CBOs/NGOs, decision makers, lawyers, university graduates, men and women households. During the meetings the participants discussed topics such as; “International and local conventions and laws for women”, “The role of youth in combating VAW and the most significant obstacles to action against VAW”, and “Gender Based Violence”. The dialogue meetings were hosted by the following women CBOs: • Women Programs Centre- Rafah. • Alataa’ Charitable Society- Beit Hanoun • AlWaleed Charity • ElManal Association for Rural Women Development. • Dr. Haider Abdel Shafi Centre for Culture and Development. • Women’s Affairs Centre- Gaza  Broadcasting two radio sessions in AlQuds Radio where the participants discussed “legal violence and the role of media in combating violence” as follows: • The first radio session was conducted in 28-11-2017 in the participation of a lawyer, the project coordinator and a media activist, where they discussed the topic of “legal violence and the role of media in combating violence”. • The second radio session was conducted in 4-12-2017 in the participation of social activist talking about “Different types of violence”, and WAC’s lawyer talking about the main services provided for women at WAC legal clinic.  Sending 1000 SMS (Together towards a society free from violence) during the initiative implementation.