Women’s Affairs Center organized a meeting to discuss three studies carried out during 2017 where all of them showed the continuation of Palestinian women suffering especially in Gaza Strip where the life  and economic situation of  82% of women in Gaza worsen due to electricity crisis. Therefore, another study reflects that violence against women pass from one generation to another. The third study illustrated the legal aid

provided from association has positive impact on women receiving such service. The meeting attended by academics from different universities in Gaza strip and representative from civil and international society, journalist, and lawyers…

The first study entitled ” the impact of electricity cuts on the domestic violence in Gaza” carries out by Shadi Al Kafarna . the study revealed the spreading of different froms of demostice violence as result of electricity cut in addition to holding responsibility to save the family instability furthermore worsening the health situation. The researcher recommended that humanitarian  organizations have to provide support to citizens espically poor families and unemployment people, provide physiological support, make a pressure on media to consider women in media coverage, using media strategy to challenge society violence, and raise awareness to understand women rights .

Between violence and educational level, where education leads to reduce violence percentage against women and using methods more democratic such as creating realtion based on participation in house working and encouraging women to participate in decision making as well as ensuring women inheritance rights >.

The second study entitled” the role of boys in reducing GBV” conducted by Mohsen Abu Rmadan, the study showed that violence is widen due to many reasons such as the  inferior view for woman due to the conservative  culture and society base as well as the violence increase in poor families . the study presented also there is  inverse relationships

The third study entitled ” the impact of legal services provided by civil societies on the Palestinian women reality in gaza and west bank ” conducted by Maysoon Halbya and presented by riham Ouda from Gaza . the significant findings of this study the legal services affect positively on women receiving such services where it reached 81% . the findings revealed also the problems women faced during seeking quality are  81% due to economic circumstances, 84% because of ignoring rights and procedures, 81% customs and traditions.  The main recommendations of this study is organizing meetings and training on decision makers to promote former men role in women issues and spreading the activities of associations working in the field of enhancing women accession to justice in different developed areas .