Gaza-December 2017, Women’s Affairs Center concluded a training on ” increase the ability mediators and arbitrators to support women and girls rights “. 150 training hours (five groups, 30 hours for each ). The training involved 52 Mkhtars and conciliator men and women and 65 arbitrators (paralegals)  selected by the Ministry of Justice . the training is within ” Advancing   the informal justice  rights of  acutely-vulnerable women and girls in the Gaza Strip.” Supported by SWASYA2- United Nation Development Program UNDP.

Hala Nabhan, project coordinator said ” this training led to integrate people working in the mediation and arbitration fields to support and protect women. This training also raise the legal awareness f meditors and arbitrators, ensure women’s access to fair justice and protection in accordance with international human rights standards.”

The project aims at providing fair informal justice, remedy and human rights protection of acutely-vulnerable women and girls.

The training topics  include International human rights mechanisms, and related Palestinian Legislation, gender, GBV, arbitration and mediation/conciliation versus litigation techniques to resolve conflicts, and techniques of documentation of cases, and accountability mechanisms.

Fraih Muhanna ,Mukhtar , said ” we obtained useful legal information related to problems we deal with daily  especially inheritance issue.”