On the 30th anniversary of the first intifada  where the Palestinian people struggled and still defends for their national since the Israeli occupation. Trumph decision on considering Jerusalem a capital for Israeli entity where such decision threatens the Palestinian issue. WAC affirms that measureless is eternal capital for Palestine and America adaption such decision is a challenge for Arab and Islamic nation but the Palestinian and Arab people ;will defend to save the Islamic, Arab, Palestinian land without any changes and consider such decision s a dead letter .

WAC also calls all Arab and Islamic countries on both levels formal and popular to be responsible and working to freezes  and criminalize  such decision .

Israel has occupied the eastern Jerusalem since 1967,then joining the western part of the city considering it as a united and eternal capital for jewish people and that is rejected by the international society

Comes the memory of the first intifada, which broke out on 8 / December / 1987 at the time still our people, land and holy places under Israeli occupation and settlements maximize  day after day. Jerusalem also  is Judaized  , arrests and incursions occur frequently , the continuation of the unjust siege on the Gaza Strip, confiscation of land, the humiliation of citizens at checkpoints, and the homes demolition and the uprooting of trees. .