طباعة The Hashtag was launched on 30/11/2017 at 03:00 p.m. through twitter session attended by (25) journalists, lawyers and activists. The social media lasted for (10) days. It highlighted women and girls’ human rights obligations/violations under IHL, and applicable IHRL instruments.

Gaza-december – Women’s  Affairs Center launched Hashtage #different needs under equal opportunities during  a twitter session involving 25 participants (lawyers, journalists, activists, and community leader ) . this activity comes under   advocacy campaign entitled “Advocating for gender responsive humanitarian assistance post crisis in the Gaza Strip” supported under UN Women and funded by IECID.

This campaign aimed to engendering the humanitarian works in gaze strip, human responding to achieve equality between both genders, and providing the needs of women , girls, men and boys equality and effectively.


the session included many twittes such as “international laws and regulates ensure women and children protection during emergencies and consider all mistreatment and oppression forms as criminal actions. “, ” in the humanitarian field  shall ensure that the provided serviced don’t  constitute more risks on  women.” , and “the human services shall consider the humanitarian  principals.”