Gaza-23th of November, 2017- WAC launched the fifth films festival “In the Eyes of Women” where (10 films) were presented in the participation of hundreds including; writers, CBOs/NGOs representatives, interested parties, the festival comes under the 16 days International Day for Elimination of VAW

The festival was opened by the speech of WAC director saying that; “ the festival aims at  the shedding lights on the Palestinian and Arab women creativity in the field of films production  and presenting them as women with ideology and cultural creativity”.

She added that; “the festival gives female film directors the opportunity to communicate with people outside Gaza, to promote youth women ability to film the reality form their eyes and to show their creativity and ability to face the blockade and the miserable situation in the Gaza Strip.”

For her side Ms. Itemad Washah added that; “the festival proved that there are creative female films directors and photographers who need encouragement for more creativity.”

Moreover, she clarified that WAC this year announced a contest for the best films tackling women’s issues creatively. Scripts of twenty-three films were submitted to the contest from Gaza. The best five scripts were selected to be produced three of which are form Egypt. These scripts address women’s issues, particularly the Palestinian women’s steadfastness in all walks of life.

The ten films which will be displayed are as the following:

  • “Darkness of Hope” directed by Sahar Fasfos , the film deals with the suffering of divorced girls from the society’s view of them as well as the restrictions that are imposed on them from the freedom of movement and education.
  • “Palestinian Love” directed by Itemad Washah, dealing with a love story of youth Palestinian who suffer from the conflict inside and outside their country.
  • “Zainab” by the Egyptian director Murad Al Sayed, the film revolves around Zainab, a girl from Upper Egypt, who was raised in a society that has its special customs and traditions, and which imposes particular restrictions on girls in terms of education, work, marriage, and personal freedom.
  • “Deema” by the Egyptian director Amjad Al Fayoumi, the film tackles the issue of early marriage in a nice dramatic manner through the story of the young girl who was denied from her childhood.
  • Em Elabed” by Haneen Kulab, a film about a Palestinian woman who suffered after her husband got married again.
  • Tahira’s Life” by the Egyptian director Mohannad Diab, the film is about Tahira is a rural woman who is average-looking and kind-hearted. She is a model for the Egyptian women working for living to provide a decent life for her. Despite the society’s rejection for her works in various fields.
  • On The Edges of Memory”, by Zuhair Al Belbaisy, the film is about a woman who got married at an early age to a much older man, and although she was deprived from resuming her education, not to mention that she was forced to live with a violent man who humiliated her, she did not give in to grief.
  • Bus No. 17”, by Hamada Hamada, about an old woman from Jerusalem who refused to leave her land to the Israeli Occupation, affirming that one inch of her land is worth all the treasures of the world.
  • Women from Egypt”, by the Egyptian director Neveen Shalabi, the film is about three women who work in unusual jobs for women. The first woman works as a valet, the other works as a microbus driver, and the last works as a fisher.
  • “This Life is mine”, by Walaa Saada, the film narrates the story of a girl who has suffered since her childhood; she has faced a lot of obstacles and hardship.