Gaza-July 2017- Women’s Affairs Center concluded (15 hours) training “The Role of Public Relations Departments  of the Media institutions in advocating women’s issues” involving 20 female and male journalists from different media institutions in Gaza strip for three days.

Samar Al Dreamly media coordinator said ” it is the first time to hold such  training and targeting the members of  public relations departments in several institutions especially media ones  in order to focus on women issues permanently where they are  the responsible of obtaining actual findings after the training”

The training was presented by specialized journalists from inside and outside Gaza through Skype , some of them worked at Al Jazeera and the others are still working there such as Mohammed Krishan, Dawoud Kitab, and Samir Hajawi, and Rawan Al Damen in addition to  the women activist and journalist Etaf Redwan.

The training tackled multiple issues such as the role of public relations in reflecting the institution perception and orientation, managing media institutions, the responsible women in media institutions, team managing, the importance of press release, the role of media organizations on challenging obstacles, and restrictions before women on undertaking leader positions.

Participants confirmed that the training has promoted the needed skills for public relations and developed their capacity to manage public relations departments in media associations. As all the participants recommended to hold meetings and trainings on how to advocate women issues through different media arts especially public relations, pointing out the necessity of existing experts from Arab countries to benefit from  their  practical experiences  in this sphere.

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