Gaza-June/2017, Women’s affairs center (WAC) implemented workshop  involving 25 journalists from different local and Arab media and experts  in order to discuss  the main file of Ghidaa magazine’s issue no 61 which will focus on ” female and male prisoners in Israeli prisons and their sufferings.

” this issue focuses on the prisoners case through lightning their ongoing sufferings along with their sibilants’ sufferings in additions to their several needs especially obtaining freedom and live in dignity ” Samar Al-Dreamly -Media Coordinator said.


The workshop discussed violations on prisoners in Israeli prisons , the importance of continued documentation, how prisoners’ parents can support their sons\daughters on the international human rights, the media role in publishing and following up this file through observing and  pursuing detainees , be away from irregular media coverage for such issue, the lack of providing essential  needs , the impact of such lack on male prisoners and their wives , enclosing  subjects related to prisoners in schools and universities’ curricular, seizing  the liable amount of the prisoners and how such issue affects their families, restrictions on family visits for their sons in Israeli prisons, the deportation of  female and male prisoners after their release whether to Arab countries, or from West Bank to Gaza Strip, and many issues related to detainees.


Mentioning Al Ghaidaa Magazine is published in Arabic with a summery in English as well as it is distributed to Civil, international ,women  Associations in addition to posting it in different social media accounts  belong to WAC

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