Gaza-June/2017- WAC concluded an initiative entitled ” Yes for Gaza Reconstruction ” within the project ” Advancing Women’s Empowerment and Resilience in the Gaza Strip ” funded by   Christian .Aid.

“This initiative aims to raise the community awareness on protecting women and their social , economic and gender equality rights. The initiative was implemented by university students and graduates, experts in organizing initiatives and advocacy campaigns where it targeted the five governorates of Gaza city “.Shereen Rabea, Project coordinator, said.

The main activities of the initiative were conducting 20 workshops attended by 591 persons including directors from the civil society and women CBOs, decision makers, university graduates, Mukhtars, women and men household, journalists from various areas of Gaza Strip. These workshops aimed to raise the community awareness on protecting women rights and their social, economic, gender equality and the reconstruction process as they included many topics such as the impact of crippling the reconstruction process on VAW, women and youth in Gaza reconstruction, the impact of reconstruction process on displaced people. The attendances recommended consulting with civil societies to put steps related to reconstruction process and activate women organizations’ role toward raising the knowledge of women.


Also, holding 5 dialogue meetings in various areas of Gaza city to discuss women and reconstruction process. These meetings  attended by 303 directors of civil and women organizations, women’s CBOs, decision makers, university graduates, Mukhtars, household women and men, lawyers and journalists. Where the attendance recommended the necessity of the international community’s support through taking procedures to stop the violations committed by Israel on displaced women, PLO shall continue its diplomatic campaign in all international courts and international organizations to condemn Israel   and account it for all its conducted crimes especially crimes related to the right of housing.

Designing and printing 1000 posters entitled ” yes for Gaza reconstruction” as they were distributed in the dialogue meetings  and workshops.

Broadcasting two radio sessions in ” Al Quds channel”.

Sending 1000 messages during the initiative implementation involving the initiative’s name, logos related to reconstruction process for beneficiaries of both the project and WAC in general.

Producing  two radio spots written and dialogue  in Al Quds Channel, designing billboards , implementing solidarity stand attended by 300-250 persons form associations’ directors , household men and women, university graduates, lawyers, decision makers, . Moreover, the solidarity stand took place in the entrance of Khuza’a city near the destructed houses to call for Gaza reconstruction,  making pressure by the international bodies, EU countries, Arab and Islamic countries on the occupation to enter the building materials freely.

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