Gaza- June2017- Mustaqbali program concludes a project “Toward a Dignified Life for Women through Self-dependence” funded by Penny Appeal, under the supervision of Welfare Association. This project lasted for 7 months as it targeted widows whose husbands died during Israeli assault of 2009-2008

The project provided training, job vacancy, and financial support for small scale income- generating projects for widowed mothers. A participant in training on how to manage income-generating business said “ after receiving a training on small business, I started my own project which is a shop for renting dresses”


Reem Al Nairab , project coordinator , said “ this training targeted 25 widows as it aimed to improve women’s skills on managing small business in order to create their own business that may improve their economic and social status in the society” she added “ this training followed by financial support (financial grant) for the top 5 ideas of projects”.


As WAC implemented a training, involving 17 graduated widows ,on self, technical, and vocational skills related to labor market where it tackled several topics such as communication, problems solving , team work, C.V writing, job interviews, project management, and  reports writing. Regard this training, Mrs. Al Nairab said “ this training aimed to improve the capacity of female university graduates , qualify them for labor market and obtain an opportunity of having  internships in civil and private organizations”. She added “10 graduated women got vacancies for 4 months in accordance with their specialties  “ .

Mustaqbali is a holistic program that was designed and launched by Abraaj Group and the Welfare Association to support children orphaned during the assault on Gaza in 2008/2009. The program is designed to last 22 years, which is the time required for every orphaned child to transition into economic independence and adulthood.