Gaza- May 2017, Women’s Affairs Center held a preparatory meeting for female and male journalists to put the first principles for partnership and cooperation agreement with Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate based on the journalist’s needs.


Amal Syam, WAC’s director, appreciated the cooperation between media program and PJS. Such cooperation  serves  journalists through building and improving their skills , capacities and experiences , holding periodic meetings , and looking for job vacancies even temporary ones for journalist graduates .

Samar Al Dreamly, media coordinator, pointed out the importance of such cooperation between WAC and PJS . it is a body represents all journalists regardless to their belongs and thoughts. She added that the cooperation is a chance to intensify the efforts on the needs and skills of journalists in order to become able to improve their skills where such improvement  will be shown on the Palestinian media level in general.

Dr.Tahseen Al Astal , deputy of journalist chief , explained that the Palestinian universities  focus on the quantity more than the quality, so there are many journalists who don’t have  jobs . he said also ” he honored the coordination and networking with WAC as it is a women knowledge-based organization playing an innovative and catalytic role in empowering women and it targets both female and male journalists in its activities, programs , and projects”.

Attendance supported the cooperation idea as well as expressing their desire to participate in all activities that may be carried out on the future.

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