Gaza- the 69th anniversary of the Palestine Nakba of 1948 comes this year under the ongoing Israeli violations,  10 years of strict and tight blockade over Gaza strip ,and Israeli plans that aim at expanding its settlements on the Palestinian territories account  and liquidate the Palestinian issue . the anniversary synchronizes the battle entitled ” Dignity and Freedom Hunger strike”  launched by 1,500 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails started since 29 day .

Where Women’s Affairs Center greets all Palestinian refugees ,who are nearly 6 million, in all refugee camps inside and outside Palestine .

WAC emphasized on the right of return for all Palestinians who were expelled from their lands in 1948 and Israeli violations of HR&IHL toward Palestinian people are inhumanity crimes where its committers  shall be accounted and  Israeli crimes’ victims shall be  compensated. Thus WAC call all Palestinian factions for ending the political split and reaching national reconciliation to establish the country of Palestine and its capital Jerusalem, as well as it demands all such factions along with Civil and International organizations to support all Palestinian in camps especially  who are still in 1948 territories ,improve their life conditions, stop any plans that may violate or cancel the right of return, and stand against Israeli seeks to  recognize  the Israeli country by the international community.