Gaza- May 2017, 5 dialogue meetings carried out by WAC on ” Child Marriage”, within the national advocacy campaign entitled ” I am still child to increase the age of marriage above 18 year” . such meetings targeted 325 people including Mukhtars, directors, lawyers, journalists, university graduates, women and men households from the five governorates of Gaza Strip, whereas many specialists recommended to stipulate laws to increase the age of marriage for girls above 18 years.


Attendances explained through the meetings  that Palestinian women face many challenges  such as occupation and Palestinian split, these meetings are good steps to reach the community peace under the current critical conditions . as well as they emphasized that early marriage is still existing  in high rate in different areas where such phenomenon violates children and human rights in general , also it promotes the reproductive role of women only. They called for  issuing  an verdict by Shariaa Court to prevent judges at Shariaa Court from marrying girls under 18 years , conducting trainings for those who will got married soon under the provision of Shariaa courts and developing procedures for the prevention of early marriage impacts.

They called to focus on the media  role in addressing such issue, mentioning its serious impacts, changing existed concepts by  enclosing legal information on early marriage in curricular, implementing awareness workshops targeting girls and boys in the secondary and high school , coordinating with Mukhtrs, municipalities  , orators to stop such phenomenon .

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