“I thought  that abusing and violating women is a part of our religious and positive customs to improve their behaviors ” said by a boy from the training on GBV. This training involved 100 girls and boys  from the southern Gaza governorates within the project  “Preventing and Responding to Increased GBV Vulnerability among IDP Women and Girls” ”

“I didn’t know that the dowry is a present for bride to accept the groom, I just thought that abusing and violating women is good way to reach better behaviors. but after the training, I changed my concepts and thoughts which are related to the negative serotyped image of women as well as I got  the knowledge on women rights” Ahmed , trainee said .

” the training aimed to empower boys and girls in the vocational training centers affiliated to MOSA on GBV concepts and raise their awareness on the available responses of GBV in the southern areas. 50 girls and 50 boys aged 14-20 years in the vocational training centers in the southern governorates of Gaza strip were trained on GBV, the provided services for violence survivals, and  the important referral system for southern area ” Hanaa Al Zant, project coordinator said.

The training tackled multiple topics such as GBV, highlighting the social , cultural, legal bases in Palestine in general and Gaza in particular which  affect the gender issues , provided services and referral system

Ne’em, one of the trainee said “I  have never heard that women have deferred dowry after the husband death ”

Where Mariam said” we lived under circumstances that promote the discrimination between girl and boy and we have not knew that religions and laws give girls many rights which they are deprived from in their communities.

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