WAC Implements a Workshop on Reconstruction File and the Impact of Delaying it on Women and IDP Families

Gaza- April, Women’s Affairs Center (WAC)  implemented a workshop to discuss the main topics  of Al Ghaidaa Magazine issue No 60 which will be on  ” women and reconstruction fil”. The workshop attended  by 25 female and male journalists from various local and Arab media including Hassan Al Wali the general coordinator of IDPs League and Hanin Rizeq the representative of following up the international support in Gaza .

Samar Al-Dreamly -Media Coordinator at  WAC said ” we focused  on  such critical file which is neglected by different concerned authorities and its serious consequences occurred on all the Palestinian society’s  segments especially women. Pointing out the clear shortening  of media coverage  in following up and observing the concerned and responsible authorities

The workshop was on the progress of reconstruction process in Gaza strip and the impact of delaying it on IDP families especially women as well as the achievements of such process in Gaza strip, confirming the importance of the media to publish and follow up this file through monitoring the status of IDP and accounting the concerned authorities to ensure a fair and transparent reconstruction process.

This workshop also discussed the lack of supported documents needed for widows to ask for their inheritance, delaying the needed reconstruction materials and the external funded  to complete phases and procedures of such process, and social problems diseases  resulted from displacing and so on.

Mentioning Al Ghaidaa Magazine is published in Arabic with a summery in English as well as it is distributed to Civil, international ,women  Associations in addition to posting it in different social media accounts  belong to WAC

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