Gaza- April, WAC organized an open dialogue meeting on “Child Marriage ” within a national advocacy campaign implemented by WAC entitled ” Stop Early Marriage and Increase Age of Marriage above 18 Years”. This meeting was attended by 70 female and male journalists.

” most of the people don’t know many information related to RH&SHR so RH doesn’t mean production role of women and men only but it includes social , physiological, and sexual health in addition to martial relations. She pointed out that international conferences and decisions on Human Rights included many concepts related to health and RH especially for girls had not fully grown to got married  “Mariam Shaqqura director of Jabaliya Women Health Center affiliated to Red Crescent of Gaza Strip said

We conduct such meeting to discuss the risks and damages of early marriage as well as its impacts on the Palestinian society . many studies showed that this phenomenon includes girls and boys where  boys also is married in early ages . early marriage like any other social problem. We have to resolve such problem and working hardly to increase age of marriage above 18 years” Fatima Ashour, lawyer said

“early marriage is a phenomena not social problem because it exceeds 2% so it need to be studied and followed up periodically. Media may  deliver the message on such issue where it affects all the society not girls only. Our culture and social thought is the main problem in addition to the lack of law on the family. Such case does not limit to villages but also it extends to citys . I talked to many who got married in early marriage , they suffered from many social and health problems as well as they are deprived from many rights. Unfortunately we cannot deliver such issue but does the media can challenge such serious problem alone? “. Majda Al Belbisi, a journalist said.

Attendances explained that early marriage is a problem that affect the whole society  so we have to overcome such problem due to its serious impacts on the society’s social and economic levels as well as to protect the society from being totally perverse.