Women’s affairs center-Gaza, which is  a women knowledge-based organization playing an innovative and catalytic role in empowering women, advocating women’s rights and gender equality in the Palestinian sustainable development process, announces its desire to produce short films on Palestinian Woamen’s issue related to the resilience of Palestinian women in Palestine    .

WAC’s Mission :

WAC is an independent and non-profit Palestinian NGO with the purpose of advocating women’s rights and gender equality through capacity development, information and innovative research and advocacy programs. While implementing its strategy to fulfill its vision, WAC is guided by international human rights principles including empowerment and participation; equality and non-discrimination; and accountability to ensure justice and dignity for women.

Video program’s mechanism :

Video program trains women to produce film and organize festivals and cinema days to  display films for the Palestinian audience many years ago in order to improve the gender orientation for women issues through cinema. In this year, we decide to grant opportunities for women\men directors to reflect the women’s issues by  novelist and documentary films to change the conception of women’s issues. 5 films on women issues will be produced and displayed  in the carnival ” through women’s eyes” ( to be exposed before the Palestinian audience)

Provided grants :

The provided grants  of WAC, amount of 1000$ per film , focuses on Palestinian women’s issues from gender conception. WAC this year specialized opptunites to produce 5 short films in promoting the resilience of Palestinian women in the community entitled ” I will no call you a woman only but everything ”

Eligibility ::

  • Providing full proposal on the film idea including the following:
  • Executive Scenario and film idea as well as drama editing.
  • The presenter is responsible for directing and scripting the film.
  • Submit a technical proposal including; Camera type, montage, technical staff. (The camera type should be FULL HDV)
  • Submit a financial proposal covering all production requirements
  • The film duration does not exceed 10 minutes.
  • Provide translation for the film after production.
  • Delivery of films within two months from the date of signing the contract.
  • Conditions for submitting the proposal:
  • The applicant must have previous works of filming and accompany the proposal with one of his/her films.
  • Attach CV with previous experience in film production skills.
  • In the event of selection of films, the film duration shall not exceed 5 minutes.
  • Working mechanism:
  • Women’s Affairs Centre will form an advisory committee of experienced professionals to evaluate film ideas and scenarios presented according to professional standards.
  • The winning film proposal applicants will be informed, and thanks to those whose film proposals are not selected.
  • An interactive workshop will be held to promote the Palestinian women resilience to the selected film directors.
  • After selecting the films, a session will be conducted to announce the winners and have open discussion.
  • Women’s Affairs Centre requires film directors not to send the film to any party without informing the Center.
  • Women’s Affairs Centre will market the films and send them to international and Arab festivals and acts accordingly to the work of the Center.
  • Submission of the proposal in closed envelope to the video program at the Women’s Affairs Center no later than 30/4/2017.
  • Submission of the film final version on 31/8/2017, and will be presented to the Advisory Committee, and the director must comply with the necessary amendments based on the decisions of the Advisory Committee.
  • Applicants must submit an electronic copy of the proposed plan and CV to the following email address: /

For more information please contact the video unit coordinator:

Mobile: 0592223472

Tele  : 082877312

Fax : 082877313