Gaza- January, Women Affairs Center(WAC) conducted a training on ” using experimental referral system for women and girls with disabilities”. The training was 20-hours meetings for three days, attended by 50 participants including( social activist, academics, people with disabilities, representative of political party, and lawyers) . This activity is  within a project entitled ” Promoting Access to Justice and Security for Women and Girls with Disabilities in the Gaza Strip” funded by a UNDP and UN Women joint program  ”SWASYA” entitled ”  Promoting Justice and Security for Palestinian People” .

The referral system means  improving provided legal, health, social services for women with disabilities through activating the coordination between different association working on women advocacy, and attempting to exchange experiences to facilitate rights accessing on all aspects for women and girls with disabilities

Wissam Jouda, project  coordinator said” the project’s goals are building the capacity of the community associations and their employees  on women and girls with disability sphere in particular, raising awareness on using the experimental referral system for women and girls with disabilities, methods of referring cases of women and girls with disabilities in different  fields ( health, legal ,and psychological), and the mechanism of  full case management”.

The training was on ” advocacy concept, forms of influence policy, methods of influence policy, why we need the influence policy, steps and mechanism of influence policy, and the way of founding referral system between the participated associations in the training  to Promote Access to Justice and Security for Women and Girls with Disabilities

” i gained many skills and information through the training as well as new system and methods. He pointed out that influence policy is necessary to access the rights of  all segments in the society”  Imad Al Hout, a participant in the training  said.

” this training is important for each association working with people with disabilities because it improved associations’ skills on using and dealing with the referral system and its attachments such as referral path as well as other issued discussed during ” Abeer Al Saqa, a participant said.

The participant recommended ” the necessity of targeting associations that serve people with disabilities because they will improve the provided services for such people. Also they recommended to implement a training on case management due to its importance in associations especially in associations deal with people with disabilities”