Gaza- January 2017, Women Affairs Center in Gaza conducted a training on ” The Rights of Women and Girls with Disabilities in Local Laws and International Agreements”. The training was 20-hour meetings for four days, for two groups . This activity is  within a project entitled ” Promoting Access to Justice and Security for Women and Girls with Disabilities in the Gaza Strip” funded by a UNDP and UN Women joint program  ”SWASYA” entitled ”  Promoting Justice and Security for Palestinian People” .


Wissam Jouda, project coordinator; said ” this meeting aims to build the capacities of Women and Youth Community Institutions ,raise their awareness on accessing security  for women and girls with disabilities, and improve their knowledge on local law and international agreements protect such people’s  rights”

She added,” this training is a part of activities that aim to build the knowledge capacities on the rights of women with disabilities , elimination GBV, and the mechanism to activate coordination between associations working on women with disabilities in order to expand accessing the legal services in particular ”

Topics presented during the training were: new concepts of disability, the principals of legal orientation  of women with disabilities, the rights of women with disabilities in CEDAW as well as in  Conventions concern, challenges on accessing  community justice  for them , the multipath of the services quality as a right for women with disability, and  the role of Palestinian Disability Law in respecting  the rights of women with disability.

The training attended by 60 participants from both groups and they were social activists, Mukhtars, academics, people with disability, and representative of political parties .

Athar Mahdi, a participant, explained ” the training built her capacities and raise her awareness on different topics related to new concepts  for disability and the legal orientation for women with disability, the rights of women with disability in  Conventions related to their  and CEDAW convention.

But Ismael Lubbad another participant, said ” the training added to him new skills and information, and he realized the important challenges facing women with disability as well as he will transmit these information to his association.

The participants recommended to hold a training on the  mechanism of access justice for women with disability due to the importance of such training on integrating women with disability in the community, and conduct workshops on the  training topics  to raise awareness and change the community culture toward the rights of women with disability.

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