Gaza- January/2017, women affairs center in Gaza conducted five round table meetings  on ” Women Rights” in all Gaza governorates, involving  171 participants (  household women, women from Women associations and  Women NGOs , head of Institutions, reform men and Mukhtars) within the project of ” Advancing Woman’s Empowerment and Resilience in the Gaza Strip ” funded by Christian aid.

Shereen Rabea, the training coordinator; said ” these meetings aimed to raise the community awareness on protecting women’s economic and social rights, gender equality, how to deal with the emergency situations, and women with disabilities.


The meetings tackled multiple issues such as :  women’s social and economic rights, gender equality, women in emergency situation , position and struggle role of Palestinian women, international agreement and articles related to women, discrimination forms against women, women status including the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza, methods for women protection during emergency cases.

The attendances called for implementing workshops to raise women and men awareness on women roles during emergency cases , and to work on applying  the international protection standards  for women during the emergency cases.

They also called to implement social empowerment program through trainings, conduct initiatives and workshops on women rights targeting all society members, implement  economic  empowerment program through creating small l income-generating businesses, and focus on political participation to promote women roles in making decisions


Attendances recommended to activate the role of local and international associations to apply laws related to women, involve women in making decision and provide training for service providers on the protection standards related to civilians, women, and children.

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