WAC calls the international, governmental, and civil health centers to provide free health services including health insurance for women and girls with disabilities


Gaza- despite the existence of PALESTINIAN DISABILITY LAW guarantying free health services  and health insurance, improving services for early detection of disability, providing medicines and medical devices ,  still there is obstacles to apply  the law  in the  governmental associations which lack of providing preventive and curative services in general and for this segment in particular.

The amended Palestinian Disability Law 2003, article 10, clause 2 includes the health rights of people with disabilities. PALESTINIAN DISABILITY LAW of 1999 no.4 guarantees all rights , equality, live in dignified life as all society’s members.

So WAC calls  the Health Ministry to apply the law with all its contents whether in facilities, or in health places in Gaza Strip, and provide a free health insurance for people with disabilities.

Furthermore, WAC calls Social Affairs Ministry and concerned associations to provide health services because it determines the deficit percentage of people with disabilities as well as support them

WAC emphasized on the need  to facilitate the access of the health services for women and girls with disabilities to gain the public health care, the periodic and normal supports to reach specific needs related to their disabilities .

It is worth to mention that the number of people with disabilities in the Gaza Strip is about  (43.642) which is 2.4% of the total population, 55% of them are male and 45% female.