Gaza-  Palestinian Labor Law No. (7) of 2000, article no 13 ” stipulates that  The employer shall adhere to employ a number of qualified disabled workers to perform work, which fit their disabilities .The percentage of such workers shall not be less than 5% of the total labour force in the installation” .

In this context, WAC emphasizes on the need for adopting rules and principals to employ people with disabilities and integrate them in the society

As well as WAC calls Ministry of Labor to apply Palestinian Labour Law No. (7) of 2000 especially  article no 13.

WAC points out the necessity to coordinate with different associations including  the NGOs and international associations for the development operation with people with disabilities to integrate them in the labor market and activate their roles in the society development.

WAC explains the importance of coordination with the relevant associations to apply the Labour Law as well as emphasizes on the importance of improving the situation of women and girls with disabilities and empower them to work. Where the  reports confirms that people with disabilities achieve great successes at work over all spheres.

It is worth to mention that the number of people with disabilities in the Gaza Strip is about  (43.642) which is 2.4% of the total population, 55% of them are male and 45% female.