WAC Welcomes UNSC Resolution 2334 on Israeli Settlements

 Women’s Affairs Center (WAC) welcomes the adoption by the United Nations Security Council of Resolution 2334. The Resolution is a long awaited step by the international community, taken after decades of Israel’s continued implementation of unlawful policies. WAC calls for immediate intervention to respect the rules of international law, which has been consistently violated by Israel and Largely overlooked by the international community as well as  end  the Israeli impunity since decades ago.

On Friday 23 December 2016, the Security Council passed Resolution 2334 calls for the immediate cessation of settlement activities in the OPT .

The Resolution that provided by Malaysia, New Zealand, and Senegal, emphasizes that the Security Council will not recognize any changes to the 4 June 1967 borders including Jerusalem.

This resolution comes within the ongoing and escalating Israeli settlement activities in both West Bank and Jerusalem . Since five-decade long occupation, Israel dominated West bank as well as seized about  60% of its territories especially through building settlements and Separation Wall. The Palestinian villages, towns, and cities turned into separated entities due to  Israeli settlements, bypass roads, and checkpoints. Israel intensified  their settlement activities through the continued Judaization and ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem. As a result of the systematic Israeli policies, a new system of apartheid was created  which  grants the settlers privileges and international support while it deprives the Palestinian people their  basic rights.

WAC hopes that this decision will bring justice for the Palestinians and their cause, as well as achieve freedom for all Palestinians.