WAC Implements a Project” Toward a Dignified Life for Women Through Self-dependence”.

Gaza- December/ 2016, WAC in Gaza opened a project entitled “toward a dignified life for women through self-dependence”, funded by Penny Appeal , under supervision of  Welfare Association. The project continues for 9 months targeting 50 widow women whose husbands died in the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip in 2008-2009.

Reem Al Nirab, project coordinator, said ” the project commenced with meetings targeted widows to explain the project’s activities and objectives as well as  to update  their data. the next step was providing social and psychological support for 50 widows and girls divided into3 groups; each group attended 3-hour meetings for three days.

She pointed out WAC will transfer women who need individual consultations through coordinating with associations providing  physiological support services”

She added ” these sessions aim to improve the psychological status for widows, raise their awareness, and build their capacity to gain their legal rights.”

The main topics in the training were; controlling the body’s muscles, taking responsibility, and developing the mental capacities.

Al Neirb emphasized the importance of focusing on the widows as they are a vulnerable group through strengthening their leader skills and self-confidence

” during the project term, legal consultations will be provided for 20 widows and girls as well as represent 5 issues belong to widows before the court by WAC’s legal clinic.  The project includes, conducting 30-days training, 5 hours for each, for graduate mothers on vocational and technical skills relating to labor market (communication, overcome problems, teamwork, writing C.V, interviews, project administration, administrative skills) in addition to provide job opportunities for 10 graduate mothers for 4 months”. Al Nirb illustrated

The participants confirmed that the psychological support sessions were interesting and untraditional and the practiced exercises were wonderful especially self-confidence and self-dependence exercises. They added that they gained new methods to deal with problems and they feel better after these sessions