Amal Alliance  for Elimination Violence Against Women Organizes  a Ceremony under the (16 days) Campaign



Gaza- December\2016, Amal alliance for elimination violence against women organized a ceremony in the occasion of the 16 days campaign (Elimination the Violence Against Women campaign) under slogan “end the political division, end the Israeli occupation and  end violence”.  Rashad Al Shawa hall hosted the event with hundreds of people from different society levels and areas in Gaza strip attended.

”  we emphasized our rejection for the ongoing violence, discrimination forms, violence against  all women whether the violence is familial, social, economic, political in private or public field regardless to its shape, color, and justification. “Amal Syam; WAC director& a member in Amal Alliance said in the event .

Siam Added  ” we do confirm about women rights  in equality , preserving  dignity and violating their rights  is a violation to the human rights principles and  international  agreement and resolutions  especially The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) , the International Declaration on Elimination of Violence Against Women, and United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 and 1889”

Moreover  she called the parties of Palestinian division  to give the priority to the interest of the  Palestinian cause , and reach a solution to end the Palestinian  division forever ,as well as  achieve the Palestinian National Reconciliation  and focus on the real conflict which is  Israeli occupation and its plans which aim to obliterate  our Palestinian dignity and our fair national cause .

As she called to unite all efforts of Civil Society Associations and work continuously and comprehensively to eliminate violence, also to join in alliances and coalitions that would strength us to challenge the violence and discrimination, empowering women and improve their achievements in different fields, also spreading culture of dialogue and non-violence.

Firyal Thabit , Director of Women Health Center affiliated to the  Culture &Free Thought Association; emphasized on the importance of partnerships and Women’s Alliances especially within the increasing of Palestinian women problems and all violence forms practiced against them. so , the ongoing work and coordination between National Associations are needed to constitute a joint work in order to improve the women status and  reach an effective intervention to reduce the impact of the violence against women

” we appreciate all efforts that reduce the violence against women to reach a better future ,to gain their rights and achieve success in all life’ aspect  “ Iva Anadoul, coordinator in Alianza Por La Solidaridad  said .  she pointed out  that this association provides many services for battered women  in heath, legal , and psychological  support  field especially  through our partners in Amal Alliance and Al Wessal Network affiliated  to Culture &Free Thought Association .”


Wissam Jouda, alliance coordinator, said that ” this ceremony is an annual tradition conducted by the alliance under 16 days campaign, but this year is different with the presence of Al Wessal Network affiliated  to Culture &Free Though Association and Alianza Por La Solidaridad

Ms. Jouda explained that ” through the activities taking place, such as a movie, the Palestinian nation al songs, silent show we insist on one message on the necessity of ending the political divide as a first step to end the Israeli occupation, and to stop all forms of violence in the Palestinian society, especially violence against women and GBV. ”

Film produced by WAC entitle ” Hajjar”, silent show, and Palestinian Dabka were displayed during the ceremony .