Women’s Affairs Center launch film Carnival entitled: “Women for Change”


November, 2016- Women’s Affairs Center (WAC) has launched its second film carnival entitled: “Women for Change” with the participation of hundreds from different categories of the Palestinian community, in Rashad Al Shawa hall in Gaza city.

“This year the carnival came to us with creative ideas showing the tremendous efforts of the film directors presenting number of documentary and feature films that reflects the suffering of the Palestinian women and shedding the lights on the success of the Palestinian women inside and outside Gaza” said Amal Syam director of WAC at the opening speech.

She also added “today’s nine films reflects the bad and good aspects of the Palestinian’s daily life, especially the difficult economic, social, and political circumstances after two years of the last Israeli aggression, the ongoing blockade, the Palestinian division and the borders closure which prevents the Palestinian artists and film directors from communicating with the outside world to show their creativity and talk about their suffering to others”.

Syam also said that WAC is giving an obvious attention and interest for the talented women to work and participate in film direction and production. This carnival is one of the activities which WAC is focusing in implementing it continuously to give the directors the opportunity to show their creativity and to highlight women’s issues”.

Moreover, “this year WAC announced a competition on documentary and feature films production under the title Women for Change and for better future for women in the Palestinian community” said the video coordinator; Etimad Washah.

Washah added that the competition aims at producing films that expresses the real circumstances of women in the Gaza Strip, introducing a real image about the social, economic and political situation in Gaza, and support film production and encourage the participants to show their creativity.

During the carnival nine films were shown addressing issues affecting the Palestinian community daily life, the films are: “The Journey” by Lana Hejazi which narrates the story of Jasmine as the first Palestinian lady who climbed the highest mountain in Africa with a prosthetic leg. “A ceiling and Four Strings” by Ayda Al Rawagh about a Palestinian couples living in Gaza and lost their house and child during the 2014 Israeli aggression. “They are Still Alive” a feature film by Zuhair Al Belbaisy revolving around poor Palestinian women who can’t provide her children with food due to the deterioration of the economic situation in Gaza.  “Amal” a documentary film by Afnan Al Qattrawy shedding the light on a female entrepreneur during the bad economic situation. “Loyalty” a feature film by Khaled Al Swairky tackling the story of a humanitarian relationship between a young girl and a headmistress. “Suspended Souls “a feature film by Reema Mahmoud depicts how five minutes works could take you from life to death.” A Wedding Night” a feature film by Haneen Kulab talking about early marriage.  “The Other Half” by Sahar Fosfos addressing the issue of the right for free transport for the girls in Gaza from one country to another and finally “Hajjar”by Etimad Washah representing the Palestinian women’s suffering in the border areas.