Women’s Affairs Center concluded the psychological support sessions of “Women, War, and Political Conflicts: Palestinian Women in Gaza” project

November, 2016- “I was a vulnerable woman and due to the psychological support sessions I became a responsible person”, “my life changed and became better”, “our hearts were full of sadness, but now we are full of hope” this is some of the comments by the bereaved women at the end of the psychological support sessions conducted by Women’s Affairs Center in cooperation with Women’s Studies Center as part of “Women, War, and Political Conflicts: Palestinian Women in Gaza” project activities funded by Kvinna till Kvinna; targeting women who lost their husbands or family members during the last Israeli aggression in 2014.

Hidaia Shamoon, the project coordinator staid that; “  we have conducted 72 psychological support session targeting 60 bereaved women in the second phase of  the project, which established a community of support groups and empowering networks for the bereaved women through providing psychological support to other women”.

She added; “the sessions also aimed at giving the bereaved women with the skills and experience on how to deal with loss, trauma and how to get rid of the negative impacts of the aggression scenes and make them more  optimistic; in which their behavior become positive at their families”.

Regarding the women who participated on the psychological sessions they agreed on the benefits from the session and how these sessions worked as a turning point on their lives at all fields, and that they became responsible women who have a role and being consulted on different things inside and outside their families. Moreover, they said that they started recognizing things in a positive way unlike before; especially their self- esteem.

The sessions included different topics; stress management, self- esteem, communication and networking, children’s behavioral problems, VAW, teenage problems, inheritance, self- care and body language.

On the next step of the project it is expected that the targeted women on the previous phase will share their experience and give psychosocial support to other women bereaved women.