October, 2016- Women’s Affairs Center produced a report on “analyzing the stakeholders’ role and needs” as part of “Promoting access to justice and security for women and girls with disabilities in the Gaza Strip” project , funded by UNDP within the joint program ” Sawasya”: Justice and Security to the Palestinian People”.

“The purpose of this report is to provide full analysis of the potential stakeholders in the project of Promoting access to justice and security for women and girls with disabilities. The report shows the analysis objectives and methodology, reviews the stages of defining the potential stakeholders and analyzing their roles, and preparing a plan to manage them and build their capacities” said Wessam Jouda, the project coordinator.

She added, “The analysis targeted several governmental and non-governmental, local and international organizations; in which we studied capacities, challenges and concerns of the project’s potential stakeholders through different tools such as; reviewing the website of the organizations, their publications, questionnaires and interviews”.

Jouda illustrated that the organizations were categorized according to their degree of influence to supporting organization and should be involved in the project, and not interested organizations with low influence. Also, to their scope of work: health, rehabilitation, and legal services.

The report emphasized on the importance of determining and clarifying the stakeholders’ roles to avoid duplication in the provided services. Also, provide the stakeholders with logistics, and raise the community awareness regarding women with disabilities, as well as raising the women with disabilities awareness on the role of the governmental and non-governmental organizations. It also recommended the necessity of empowering women and girls with disabilities economically through small projects, and developing a regular methodology to measure their satisfaction of the services.

The report included the following topics; report objectives, study objectives and contents, identifying stakeholders, steps of analyzing the potential stakeholders, stakeholders roles, gaps analysis, suggested capacity building plan, and recommendations.