October, 2016- Women’s Affairs Center held a collective twitter session within the national campaign “still I am child”  which aims to set the age of 18 years old as the legal age of marriage at minimum in the presence of 50 journalists, activists, lawyers and community leaders from both genders.

Wessam Jouda, the advocacy program coordinator said that; “the session came to launch the twit of the campaign and to announce the activities that took place throughout the week on the social media (Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp), as part of the national campaign activities to reduce the phenomenon of the early marriage”.

She added; “the session came as one of electronic advocacy tools which is relied upon by WAC during campaigns to gain the support of the media and the community and to gain access to have practical work on the Sharia Courts through issuing a rule to set the age of 18 years old as the legal age of marriage at minimum”.

The whole audience of the session said that the session was distinctive; there are real efforts to advocate for this phenomenon and that interdependence and participation of diversified categories is a clear evidence of the need and the importance of such campaign.

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