September, 2016- in cooperation with Al Fajer Al Jadeed for press and media Women’s Affairs Center organized a meeting with the two Arab journalists Akram Khuzam and Daoud Kuttab in the participation of 25 Journalists from both genders Via video conference; .in which Mr. Khuzam reviewed many media issues as the role of images in showing the events and how message is transferred through image. He noted that the images that contain scenes of blood and body parts are considered as negative images that are harmful for the victims’ families and most of the time these images are out of the humanitarian context and human dignity. Adding that; such photos have negative effects rather than gaining sympathy, and that the humanitarian photos that are taken away from the scenes of blood and destruction give a strong humanitarian overview. Khuzam emphasized on the importance of shorthand as much as possible and leave the space for the photo to express the issue, as well as giving attention to the details of the human life away from monotony.

Mr. Kuttab talked about the role of the Palestinian female journalists on guiding the community, praising their role in reviewing social and humanitarian stories and the impact of the contents on the community and internationally. He said that; “journalist must take care of the survey investigations as its important positive role in the community”.

Kuttab also talked about humanized media ; as it is an idea based on the principle that every human shouldn’t exaggerate in humanity, and that it is wrong to talk about it by using numbers; he clarifies that when writing a story of bombing a home you would better refer tp similar stories to make it a story of a human not a story of a number. He stressed that highlighting the weaknesses is stronger than clarifying the strengthening points is stronger in gaining international support, and to talk about the story from different aspects in order to expand ideas and perceptions of the audience.