Gaza-October/2015-the Palestinian director Haneen Kullab provides the sound and image of “cinema” of Palestinian women issues, as she mix between fiction and documentary and she focused on essays that relate to women issues. In 2009 she directed her film “with their eyes” which is directed by WAC in Gaza, the film was participated in the second festival of “through women eyes in 2010”. The film was directed after Haneen get training in WAC of “beginner directors” which focused on creating and directing documentary and fictional films.

The second film for her was “It was a dream” in 2010 through WAC; it was about the Palestinian captives in Israeli prisons and their suffering. Then she directed a film of “on the fire line” in 2012 through WAC which was about families who live in Gaza boundaries and also they face risk with Israeli occupation military.

In 2013, she provided her fiction film “the scene still continuous” about the killing based on honor. In 2014 she presented the film of “the hid” about missing. In 2015 she directed the series of storyteller which focus on the society issues in a comedy way, all these films were through WAC.

Innocents Film

It is from the main important films that directed by Haneen, it was about a sensitive issue in Palestinian society, the film with be shared in WAC festival of 2015, the story is about “Sharifa” who is a girl live just with her mother , during her study at university she fell in love with a brother of her friends “Ahmad” then he decided to marry her, so his family start asking and investigating about the girl and her family , all people said that she is a good girls with high ethics but her father was killed because he worked with Israeli occupation in spying Palestinian leaders, then his family refused to complete this marriage because the negative perspective from the society to him.

This film will be displayed in the fourth women films festival “through women eyes” which is organized by WAC in 14 October.


The director Kullab said that she faced some obstacles related to the hard economic and social circumstances we live, in addition to the lack of financial resources. But she said that they will struggle to achieve all their dreams and hopes in directing in Cinema in better circumstances. She added also that the core in any successful work is working with cooperative team, and she thanks all members who assist her in achieving and producing her films like (the producer Fathi Umar, photography manager Muyassar Dohan, the editors Rami Hammad, and Mohd fathi, the writer Mahm Afaneh, and the great actors especially the new face Hanan Quider”

Her dreams

Haneen hope to challenge her customs and traditions of the community to approve to the world that Palestinian woman able to do a lot. So as other film directors, Haneen saw that Palestinian woman can initiate in the art field as other world women and she can to work for the Palestinian issue.