Gaza-September/2015- some women in some areas in Gaza Strip didn’t know a lot about reproductive health, so as usual WAC in Gaza visited these areas then 40 awareness workshops were implemented for 1000 women in the five regions in Gaza as 8 workshops in each region about women rights, gender, and reproductive health rights.

The workshops aimed to “the physical safety of women “reproductive health”, which is funded by OXFAM NOVIB to increase the housewives knowledge in women rights and reproductive health to decrease the rate of violence based on gender, physical violence, forced marriage, unwanted pregnancy cases, female genital mutilation (circumcision), forced infertility and reduce the transmitted sexually diseases, to maintain the physical integrity of women is complete.

The main topics during the workshops were as follows the concept of reproductive health, family planning, risk factors that increase the breast cancer , how to deal with safety age,  delivery problems , emergency cases, transmitted sexual diseases, the impact of female genital mutilation on their life, freedom to choose before marriage and thalassemia.

Hana Zant (Project Coordinator) said that the project is aimed to contribute in alleviating the society violence against women and let women to practice their human rights especially reproductive health, where the project is targeting university students, housewives, decision makers, and society activators. In addition to workshops during the project implementation, other activities were run as a radio program under the title (Woman and health), documentary film, guidebook Awareness, publishing a Facebook page about reproductive health topics.