GAZA -September / 2015- Palestinian ,Arabic films and films from Iraq, Morocco, Bahrain, Egypt, will be presented at the fourth festival of women films “through women eyes”, which is organized by the center in Gaza on fourteenth of October.

6 Palestinian films and 5 Arab films will be displayed during the festival to cover women’s issues for one day, the duration of films are between 5-50 minutes, after it were agreed upon assessment committees of critics and local directors.

The festival is held every two years in order to change the stereotype of Palestinian women and encourage young women directors to direct films about women, in addition to highlighting the hidden women’s issues. And it’s worth mentioning that the first, second and third versions of the festival in 2009 and 2011 and 2013 have a societal acceptance and huge presence.

Itimad Washah (Video Coordinator) said that there was an announcement of competition to select five films about Palestinian women issues.20 films were submitted to join the competition, then 6 films were selected from Gaza and West Bank, 5 films were Arabic addressed as “the last hour-Iraq”, “N and Olives-Palestine”, “Zainab-Bahrain”, “Sponsors-Morocco”, “Dream in midday-Egypt”. The main topics in films were about breast cancer, women creations in sport, and other miscellaneous topics that show the Palestinian women image.

Ayda Rawwagh (young director and one of committee members) emphasized that the films that will be displayed in the festival have issues for the first time that belong to the Arabic and Palestinian women in more comfortable way.