Gaza-September/2015- WAC in Gaza launched four initiatives on “violence against women”, marriage of girls children”, “women’s rights to inheritance”, and he fourth on “inbreeding” through the project of “the young women leaders” which is sponsored by the NRC. The project targeted female graduates in four areas in Gaza Strip.

According to Shirin Rabea, he first initiative were included many activities as 3 workshops for 100 women and men and showing a film of “sound of deprivation”, radio spot on Shaat Ch., organizing pause solidarity, hanging advertising boards in streets, and distributing brochures about violence against women during the workshops.

The initiative of “Don’t marry the girl child”

The second initiative was about marrying the girl’s child under the slogan “Don’t marry the girl’s child” which is implemented in North Gaza at B-Lahia. According to the coordinator Shirin Rabea, 3 awareness workshops were conducted for 250 of women and men and displaying a film of “I was a child” with hanging boards in the area addition to design wedding cards of children to educate and aware attendees from risks and disadvantages of children marriage.

The initiative of “my right in inheritance”

In Khuzaa at North area, the targeted graduates launched an initiative of “my right in inheritance” which is implemented through conducting 3 workshops with attending 100 of women and men and displaying a film of “ the covered”, hanging boards in the area streets, organizing a pause with participating hundreds of Khuzaa people.

Initiative of “”No to inbreeding”

It’s the fourth initiative “No to inbreeding” which is implemented in North area at Um Nasser village, four workshops were conducted for 160 of women and men, and hanging boards in the area streets.

Shirin Rabea said that the initiatives issues where selected after conducting 12 group of university graduates and community leaders of women and men and marginalized women.

The fourth initiatives were implemented in four areas which is the most damaged areas from the last Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip, in addition to the higher number of violence against women in that areas according to a survey implemented by WAC.

The project aimed to guarantee the right of political participation for the women leaders and avoiding the violence based on gender.