Gaza-August/2015-WAC in Gaza ends training about “rehabilitation the female university graduates for the labor market”, it was 110 training hours in 22 training day. 50 female graduates was targeted in the training (they were divided into two groups as 25 for each group of 55 training hours) from different areas in Gaza Strip, the training is under the project of “providing training and work for the graduates in Gaza Strip” which is funded by ILO.

Shireen Rabea (the Project Coordinator) said that this project will develop the graduate’s capabilities to enter the labor market, and facilitate getting a practical training in women CBOs and private sector. ”

She also added that the training was given to graduates from the following majors (Press and media, IT, business management, English language, or any related).  After the training the graduates will start their practical training in organizations and companies for three months.

The main topics in the training were about three skills: personal skills (gender, self-promotion, women rights in international agreements, problem solving and decision making), technical skills (writing resume, methods of searching on work, job interviews), and professional skills (management, team work, communication, time management, project management, archiving, private sector roles).

All participants agreed on the importance of this training which provide them with all needed knowledge to involve in the labor work, and it also encourage them work with more energy to provide the best.

Walaa Khatib (one of the graduates) said that the training was great as it cover all her needs and give her high confidence to be stronger to face the life in positive way.