Gaza-August/2015- A group of young people assert on a large gap between the political leaders and young fan base because of the hard economic, political and social circumstances on Gaza Strip for more than 9 years which reflect negatively in joining youth in political.

It was through an open session about “women and political participation and gaps between generation” 80 young male and female attended from Civil society organizations and political parties, under the project of “hop program:  supporting women’s leadership in times of change in the Middle East and North African countries” coordinating with Oxfam Novib Foundation, funded by Swedish SIDA Foundation.

Hala Qishawi (Projects Coordinator) showed some inquiries during the session about the gap between generations and its reasons, youth roles, interventions and to promote youth to participate in politics.

All participants agreed on the different reasons behind the gab like political reasons that related to the Israeli occupation that work on destroying the Palestinian human, which let youth to be far away of the politics, and they also mentioned that they frustrated because of lack of political stability and Israeli attacks on Gaza Strip. Siege also increases in worsening the situation which led young men to think always of immigration in addition to the split.

All of them agreed that parties didn’t give chance to young to join them or give a decision making. The high percentage of unemployment and lack of job opportunities help also in that.

Participants recommended on holding awareness programs to raise the level of political awareness for youth in addition to establishing projects with targeting youth.

In the last of the session the participants demanded legislative and presidential elections to ensure the participation of young people and attention to the technical and vocational education programs in order to reduce unemployment.