Gaza-July/2015- “women and Nakba” and displaced women from Arabic countries to Gaza Strip” is the title of the main file in the number 52 in Ghaida newspaper that issued by WAC in Gaza regularly.

Amal Siam open the number with essay she wrote under the title “ Red, Black, it was from all grades”, she showed with it the difference in media cover for the Nakhba in 1984, the Israeli aggression in 2014. The number includes reports about some women stories in Nakhba and displacing their houses.

The journalist essay of Nesma Halabi was about an initiative for the Palestinian uniform launched by two young ladies “Lana Hijazi from Ramallah” and “Mai Lilli from Gaza”

The journalist Ahmad Tala his report about suffering the displaced Syrian women stories, and the journalist Hala Hilis took about the history of Palestinian Turkmani uniform.

This number has also a survey about the attitude of Arabic ladies from reading habit done by the journalist Asmaa Nassar.

This number has many different topics, the most prominent was “only the stronger can exceed” for the writer Akram Salim, “my home is still free” for the writer Dawlat Masri, and “bride tears on the front of house door” for the writer Nibal Thawabet, “on coffee cup” for the writer Mohd Sweirki which talk about what women need from men.

900 copies of this number where distributed to different civil society institutions and media foundations.