Gaza-July/2015- WAC in Gaza launched advocacy campaign to support women in reaching their rights of inheritance titled as “my inheritance and your inheritance”, through a video conference in Gaza at the same time of conference in West Bank. Tens of journalists attended. The campaign is through the project of “women rights in inheritance 2-enhancing Palestinian women rights socially and economically “the campaign is implemented by WAC with their partners in West Bank YMCA, women center for legal and social counselling, in cooperating with Danish Church Aid and Funded by European union.

Amal Siam (WAC Director) confirmed on the religious right for women in her inheritance so that we should encourage her to get it, where Palestinian woman is still preventing from getting her inheritance as in customs and traditions. So that she asked for established a legal department belong to ministry of justice to facilitate to woman in getting her inheritance. She added also that she wished holding the conference in Gaza and west bank at the same time which will be as a beginning for unifying the home.

Wisam Joudeh (the campaign coordinator) said through a press statement that WAC today launches the joint supportive campaign to let women reach their inheritance in Palestine as it’s a religious right. And she clarified also that preventing women from getting their inheritance impact negatively on empowering women economically help in decreasing the poverty.

The statement emphasized on the importance of taking the needed decisions and procedures that protect women’s right in inheritance, so that establishing a legal department belong to ministry of justice will be committed to carry all responsibilities that ensure getting all citizens to their inheritance.