Gaza-July/2015-WAC in Gaza closed the training of “the Super Media”, which aimed to know the human brain capabilities and its relation with press media impact .It was for 20 training hours, 16 male and female journalists attended.

Samar Darimly (Media Coordinator) said that this is the first time for this training in Gaza, as there is a progress in the used tools for media to make a change in the recipient’s minds.

Many topics where involved in the training as super media skills, how our brains work, consciousness and unconsciousness, internal and external communication, how people think and how they receive ideas, mind filter, what make us different, perception sites, the secret of objectivity, separation and communication, news and daily column, the importance of Milton language for media professionals and unconscious messages in the media.

The participants agreed that the training was distinguished and full of new topics, and they expressed their pleasure from the amount of information they got. And they recommend continuing in conducting like these trainings to cope the media development and for self-promotion.