Gaza-7 July/2015- today is the first memory for the Israeli aggression on Gaza strip in 2014, which continuing 51 days, this aggression is the third since six years and after 8 years of siege on Gaza Strip which increase the circumstances badly on Gaza Strip especially in stopping the reconstruction to the destroyed houses from the Israeli aggression.

There were a clear war crimes in the first days for the aggression which resulted to 2147 of martyrs , 530 were kids and 293 women , out of them 241 women killed in their houses , and 7 in shelters. And 10870 were injured, 3303 kids and 2101 women. And third of injured kids are disabled.

The Israeli occupations violated the international human laws especially the fourth Geneva agreement which control on the Israeli Jewish behavior with people in the occupied lands. Number of displaced families during the Israeli aggression reach to 100000 without home, and 17.132 destroyed houses, 465 out of them were totally damaged and 14.667 partially damaged. And 39500 houses with minor damage and 5 towers were totally demolished.

The center confirmed on the necessity of joining women from all areas in planning and implementation phase of reconstruction, especially women who have damage in their houses or the displaced ones which can alleviate in their suffering. And they also call for ending the split in parties which increase in people suffering in Gaza which can help in ending the occupation.