Gaza-May 2015- WAC in Gaza issued the number of 51 in Ghaida magazine, which is the first number in 2015. So on this occasion the center presents their greetings for the Palestinian journalists who provide hard efforts. This day come with increasing the Israeli violation against Palestinian journalists still continuous, where 17 journalists were killed in the last Israeli attack , 20 injured journalists, 42 house were totally demolished and 61 partially for journalists, 140 family were displaced from their home, destroy 19 press institutions and 15 radio channels were closed.

With the continuity of electricity cut off in Gaza for more than 8 years, so the number 51 of Ghaida Magazine was about women and electricity crisis.

Amal Siam (WAC Director) open the number with paragraph was written by her titled as “dear electricity”. This number has many reports about women stories and their suffering for more than 8 years and how many victims from electricity cut off.

Through Ghaida book, there was a recent study for the center recommended that marrying child girls who are less than 18 years old is a violation for children and human rights. And also some topics in the magazine focused on the Gazan’s women who own their small projects during the electricity crisis.

There were many topics in this number like the essay “electricity also hostile women” for the writer Talal Okal, “crows kingdom” for the writer A/Karim, “on coffee cup” for the writer Hatem A Rahim and essay for the writer Akram Atallah about the Palestinian women and political life.

900 copies of the magazine were distributed to different civil society foundations and press organizations.