Gaza- Palestinians still have Nakba and new displacement which increase their suffering a year after a year, especially after the last Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip last year, which led to displace 367,218 families from their demolished houses, so that they enforced to live in caravans or nets.

In the 67 anniversary of 1948 Nakba, WAC in Gaza emphasized on the right of Palestinian refugees return to their homes, and they asked the Palestinian government and international organization and UNRWA to stop the crisis in Yarmouk camp in Syria to let the displaced Palestinian able to return to their camp and enter food and medicines to people.

Also the center ask again the Palestinian parties to end the split and work together for establishing Palestine and its capital Jerusalem.

The center also asked the Palestinian parties and all international organizations to work on implementing the decision of General Assembly of the United Nations (194) which related to returning the Palestinian refugees to their homes and unifying efforts to support refugees in camps who are about 6 million refuges.

The Center emphasized on the necessary of keeping Palestine in memory by documenting the names of Palestinian villages by books, researches, documentary films and social media. And holding regular international conferences about Nakba to keep on the return right.