Gaza-May/2015- WAC in Gaza conducted a training aimed for building capacity for staff in vocational training centers about life skills and reproductive rights and awareness of reproductive health issues under the title of “Building capacity of staff about life skills and reproductive health” by partnering with UNFPA. 15 staff in vocational training center which belong to ministry of social affairs attended, through the project of “improving the gender equality and empowering women and girls in reproductive rights” which is funded by the Danish Foreign Ministry

Wisam Joudeh “Advocacy Coordinator” said that the main topic that provided during the training were identifying the reproductive health issues, gender, violence based on gender, early marriage, early pregnancy, the sexual disease, life skills, communications skills, planning and time management.

The participants agreed on the importance of the training and the benefits they got in spreading the health awareness in the society especially for teenagers. And also they expressed their pleasure for taking this training which is a new for them especially men who don’t have enough knowledge of reproductive health.