Gaza-May 2015- many women recommended on the necessity of forming a lobby womanly to increase the participation of women in political and public life, by participating them in 6 training sessions conducted by WAC in Gaza about “women and participation in politics” , for 5 training hours for each workshop. 201 marginalized women from different areas in Gaza Strip participated.

The workshops were through the project of “hope program – to support women leadership in change time in Middle East and North Africa” which is funded by Sweden Sida organization, in partnership with Oxfam Novib, Palestinian Working Women Society, the Palestinian Initiative for the Global Dialogue and Democracy “key”, and the women center of Legal Aid and Counseling, the workshops aimed to enhance the women in participation of decision making in political and public life.

The participants recommends on the necessity of launching a media campaign for increasing the ratio of women in political parties to be at least 30%, determining the strategies and programs for implementing, and unifying the political and social participation of the Palestinian women’s institutions. Also the participants asked for developing the foundations role in enhancing women participation and concentrate on achieving the objectives.