Gaza-May 2015- Ghaida magazine which is issued by WAC in Gaza published about winning a press interview with the third level in a competition for the best press essay about contributing women in elections which is organized annually by the Arabic women center for training and research (Kawthar), its funded by the international union for family planning – the Arab world region.

The Gaza journalist prepared it about the Palestinian activator in Sweden (Amani Gharib) who was nominated for elections of the European Parliament. It was published in the magazine in March 2014.

The journalist “Said Ismail” said that he appreciated this winning for all Palestinian women, and he invited all media to focus on Palestinian women for what they always provide in their efforts under the Israeli occupation. Finally he thanked all WAC staff and especially Ghaida magazine team for their efforts, as he proud to be part of them to defend in women rights through the media.

.Ghaida magazine is from the first women magazines in Palestine issued in Gaza. It was established in 1997, four numbers issued annually, and 1000 copies are printed and published in Gaza and west bank. The main topic in the magazine are about Palestinian, Arabic, and international women.