Gaza-WAC in Gaza condemns the arrest of Khalida Jarra the member of Palestinian legislative council which prevents her from travel and exiled her to Jericho. The arrest of Ms. Jarrar is one of violence policies against Palestinian women from the Israeli occupation, so we asked them to release her immediately, where the number of representative is Israeli occupation prisons till now are 17.

So that the center demanding all human rights organizations and international parliaments to stand against the Israeli occupation violations and stop it, and intervene for the immediate release of detained Representatives.

It’s important to point that the rep. Khalida Jarrar is 50 years old, she was elected in the legislative council in 2006, and she arrested before in Israeli prisons in 1989.

The last statistics pointed that the number of detained now is 6000, as 454 are in an administrative arrest, 22 women and 163 child.