Gaza-April/2015- WAC in Gaza selecting two studies after advertising on a research competition for the year 2015 about studies in Palestinian women issues, the first study was about “mechanism of women protection in crisis’s times in the international human law” and the second about “the role of Palestinian women in managing the conflict and creating the peace in Gaza Strip through the international human law and human rights laws”.

Hedaya Shamun” Research and information coordinator” said about the competition that 14 research about Palestinian women issues were provided, and after checking them, two studies were selected by a specialist committee. And she added also that WAC concern of the studies and researches which related to women issues to update their database of the Palestinian women, which contribute in policies and change.

Shamoun explained that the center insist to let researchers to be able to go deeper in women’s issues, enhancing their skills and pointing to the reality of Palestinian women.